Xenon Gyroplanes

Xenon aviation is a gyroplane manufacturer run by Frenchman Raphael Celier from their base of operations in Poland.

They’ve been manufacturing high quality gyroplanes since 2006, and currently have a couple of different types of gyrocopter available for sale.

There are a few distinguishing features that make Xenon unique in the marketplace.

The first is their design. Where pretty much all of their competitors have at least one tandem gyroplane on the books, all of the Xenon gyroplanes feature a side-by-side seating configuration.

This makes the Xenon gyroplane easy to spot as it’s design truly is visually unique.

Xenon are also the only major gyroplane manufacturer to currently produce a three-person gyroplane.

This may change at some stage in the future, of course but for the time being if you want to take more than one person flying with you in a gyroplane, then the Xenon XL is you’re only option.

Because Xenon have successfully launched a three seat gyroplane, they also seem to be the manufacturer who have created gyroplanes capable of handling larger payloads, which potentially makes them a good candidate for any sort of aerial task where you need to fit the gyro with third party equipment for use in things like surveillance or agriculture.

There are two types of Xenon currently available for purchase – the Xenon IV and the Xenon XL


The Xenon IV Gyroplane

The Xenon IV is a two person, side-by-side gyroplane and follows on as a significant advancement on the previous three versions, meaning you’re getting an aircraft that’s been around for a while, but has also been able to take advantage of the latest innovations in the design of the latest version.

There are three versions of the Xenon IV available -  ranging from the basic model, the Xenon IV Sport through to the more expensive Xenon IV Executive and the top of the line Xenon IV Stradivarius.

You can check out the options that are included with each of these options at the link below

Xenon Gyroplanes – Configurations & Pricing


The Xenon XL

The XL is the three-seat gyroplane from Xenon, and features the pilots seat at the front, with the two passenger seats situated behind the pilot off the right and left hand shoulders.

This design allows it to remain extremely streamlined and maintain a high performance level while carrying the additional weight of a third passenger.

It also features an 84L fuel tank and a cruise speed of around 150kph so you still get a range comparable to other two seat gyroplanes.


The Xenon Gyrocopter In Colombia

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