The Magni Gyro Range Of Aircraft


Magni Gyro is an Italian company who manufacturer a range of gyroplanes to suit pilots of all tastes. Their five available gyroplanes range from the M-18 Spartan which is a single seat gyroplane, all the way through to the luxurious M-24 Orion which is a fully enclosed, side-by-side gyroplane with dual controls.

Over the past decade Magni have been at the forefront of the renaissance in gyroplane technology evolution and were the second manufacturer (after Autogyro GmbH) to have one of their aircraft successfully pass the testing of the British Aviation authorities.

They have a wide network of dealers and distributors located throughout the world who sell the aircraft and provide gyrocopter training as well, making their aircraft extremely accessible no matter where you live.

Listed below are the five models of Magni Gyro aircraft which are currently available for sale

The Magni Gyro M-14 Scout

The M-14 has been designed for those pilots who tend to do mos tof their flying by themselves, but would also like the option of taking a passenger up for a fly every so often.

There is a removable backrest which creates extra comfort when the pilot flies solo, or creates extra room for a passenger when it is taken out.

The Magni Gyro M-16 Trainer

For anyone looking to learn how to fly a Magni Gyro, this is more than likely the model you will learn on.

It is an open cockpit, tandem gyroplane with dual controls that allow you to learn with an experienced instructor available to take control at any time should problems arise.

The Magni Gyro M-18 Spartan

The M-18 is a single seat gyroplane that has been designed and manufactured with the same care and precision as all of Magni’s other gyro’s but has been built specifically for those pilots who prefer the more nimble, agile flight characteristics that a single seat gyroplane can provide.

For this reason it has a higher cruising speed than most other single seat gyroplanes that you’d encounter and at the same time is safe and stable

The Magni Gyro M-22 Voyager

The M-22 Voyager takes the concept of open cockpit gyroplane design, and adds a sense of comfort and functionality. It has been designed specifically for those people looking to use their gyro for longer trips, bu creating more room in the cockpit and adding extra baggage storage areas through some unique design features.

This gyroplane does not come with dual controls, which instead have been replaced by an extra capacity for carrying luggage.

The Magni Gyro M-24 Orion

The M-24 Orion is both the only Magni aircraft that is fully enclosed as well as being the only one which features a side-by-side seating design.

It is without a doubt built for people who are looking for a more comfortable, sociable flying experience, yet still retains good performance characteristics.

Want More Info About The Magni Gyro Range?

So if you’re keen to learn more about Magni Gyro, and their impressive range of gyroplanes, your best course of action is to find a local dealer you can visitt and potentially go for a fly with.

You can use the Gyro Business Search Function to help find that dealer.

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