The World’s Top Gyroplanes


The last 10 or 15 years have seen some great advancements in gyroplane design and engineering after a few decades of being a little bit stalled.

There are now around half a dozen top quality gyroplane manufacturers, and each of them have multiple types of gyrocopters for sale, which makes it a great time to get started in aviation by learning to fly a gyrocopter.

It has to be said that much of the innovation is happening in Europe right now, which is not so much about a lack of skill, knowledge or willingness in U.S manufacturing as it is about the regulations with regards to buying gyroplanes that come fully assembled.

Where in the rest of the world you can buy a fully assembled gyrocopter from Autogyro, ELA, Magni or Arrow-Copter, in the U.S you need to assemble at least 51% of the aircraft yourself.

This has meant the introduction of these high quality aircraft has been a little slower in the U.S than it has been elsewhere, but with a market as big as the U.S it was only a matter of time before these companies started making a bigger effort which is what has started to happen over the last three or four years.

Listed below are the major players in the modern gyroplane market, along with some links to pages where you can get more detailed info about the different types of gyrocopter made by each company


AutoGyro GmbH

Although we haven’t been able to find any official stats to confirm this, it seems to be fairly well acknowledge that AutoGyro have sold more units across the globe than any of their rivals.

They have made impressive inroads across the globe with over 30 importers conducting operations in close to 50 countries around the world.

Many of these countries also have multiple dealers and instructors, so it has become relatively easy to find someone to provide the training and service required for these aircraft, no matter where you are on the planet.

It all began with the launch of their first model a decade ago – the AutoGyro MT-03.

This was an open cockpit, tandem configured aircraft that became the first gyroplane to attain certification under the BCAR-T in the U.K.

Since then AutoGyro have introduced a further three types of gyroplane to the market. The MTO Sport was the successor to the MT-03. The Calidus is a fuly enclosed gyroplane, also with a tandem configuration and a much higher performance envelope.

And the Cavalon is the latest addition, with it being a side-by-side gyroplane catering to the more social flyer who also demands a higher level of comfort in the air.

Click the link below to learn more about AutoGyro GmbH and their range of gyroplanes for sale right now.

AutoGyro GmbH Gyroplanes


Magni Gyro

Magni are an Italian company who have probably been the main competitor to AutoGyro over the past decade, with a team of importers and dealers around the world that comes close to being as widespread as AutoGyro’s

They have a slightly larger range of aircraft available which also includes a single seat gyroplane for sale, something that Autogyro don’t offer. This single seat gyroplane can actually carry a second person behind the pilot, but there are no controls, instrumentation or windshield.

So this is a gyrocopter for folks who are going to be doing most of their flying solo, yet still want the option of showing it off to friends and family from time to time.

You can learn more about the entire range of Magni Gyro aircraft at the link below

Magni Gyro Gyrocopters


ELA Aviation

ELA are Spain’s entrant into the gyroplane marketplace.

They were initially competing strongly in the market but over the past few years seem to have dropped off the pace a little.

They haven’t expanded their line to the extent that either Magni or Autogyro has, but that’s not always a bad thing – better to be great at one thing than average at two or three.

Unlike their competitors, ELA don’t have a fully enclosed option or a gyroplane with a side-by-side seating configuration.

They do however tend to be priced a little more reasonable and have an entry level gyroplane, the ELA 09 junior which is pretty much the only modern gyrocopter for sale at a price under €40,000.

This is a ’1+1′ gyroplane which means there are two seats, but only the front seat can be fitted with controls, unlike the majority of other tandem gyroplanes which can be fitted with controls in both the front and back seats.

You can read about the ELA at the link below

ELA Gyroplane



Arrow-Copter are the new guys – their first gyrocopter for sale was released to a whole lot of fanfare in 2012.

It’s a slick looking beast that sits further along on the performance end of the scale than pretty much all of their competitors with the possible exception of the AutoGyro Calidus.

At the moment there’s only the one aircraft available – the AC20.

We’re not too sure what their plans are for the future, but if they do decide to release a new model, we’re sure it will feature much of the innovation that makes their first entrant such a quality addition to the market.

You can learn more about the AC20 at the link below.

The Arrow-Copter AC20


Xenon – Celier Aviation

The story of Xenon is a bit confusing to be honest. I think there was a split in the company and at one stage there were two different guys both claiming to be manufacturing and selling Xenon aircraft.

This problem has since been sorted out (with the help of some legal muscle I believe), and now it’s just Raphael Celier who claims ownership over aircraft manufactured under the Xenon brand.

One of the things that has allowed Xenon to differentiate itself a little from the other manufacturers is the fact that they’re the only guys selling a three-seat gyroplane – The Xenon XL.

Xenon are also unique in their choice of seating configuration for their two-seat aircraft. Unlike every other gyrocopter company, they don’t sell a gyro with a tandem configuration.

All of their aircraft are side-by-side. The Xenon XL is the closest they’ve got to a tandem setup, with the pilot seated up front, and the other two seats situated behind the pilot off the right and left shoulders, forming a mini-pyramid configuration in the cockpit.

All up Xenon have two gyrocopters for sale, although one of those models, the Xenon IV has three different versions available – the Sport, Executive & Stradivarius.

Click the link below for more info about the Xenon gyroplanes for sale right now.

Xenon Gyroplanes

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