Gyrocopter Training

  • JoeDuffy
  • October 19, 2013 2:24 am

One of the best things about the modern gyroplane is how easy they are to learn to fly compared with other options.

If you’ve never flown anything before in your life, then it’s very possible that after around 30-35 hours of gyrocopter training, you can be skilled enough to take your first solo flight.

So why is gyroplane training that much easier than some other aircraft?

1) Very Intuitive Controls

The controls of the modern gyroplane are relatively easy to get a handle on.

You’ve got your stick which controls your direction, you’ve got your throttle which controls your speed, and you’ve got your pedals which you use to keep the aircraft in balance.

Like anything, it takes some practice to get your co-ordination right in terms of knowing when to use each of the controls, and how to use them together to make your flying as efficient as possible.

But once the initial hard work is done, the learning comes very quickly to most people.

I had someone tell me once that snow skiing is easy to learn, hard to master whereas snowboarding is hard to learn easy to master.

I’m not sure how true that is, but the gyroplane would definitely fall under the category of easy to learn (relatively) hard to master.

Once you’ve got the basics under control, you can spend many hundreds of hours up in the air continually adding to your skills and getting the modern gyroplane to do things you’d never have dreamed of when you first started learning.

2) Gyroplanes Are Inherently Safe

Another reason for the relatively quick learning time with your gyrocopter training is the fact that modern gyroplanes are a very safe aircraft to fly.

There are limits to what you can and can’t do in a gyroplane, and as long as you are aware of these and stay within the limits, then there is very little that can go wrong.

The key is mastering the take-offs and landings – once you can demonstrate an ability to take-off and land safely with no outside help, then you’re pretty much ready to go in terms of being able to fly by yourself.

Gyrocopter Training – How Do You Get Started?

If you’re interested in learning to fly a gyrocopter, then the first thing you probably want to do is book yourself in for a Trial Instructional Flight.

This is a flight that you’ll take from the backseat of the gyroplane with an experienced instructor at the stick, so you can get a feel for how the gyroplane flies and what controls are involved.

You may or may not take the stick depending on whether you’ve done any other flying before – and if you just want to relax and enjoy the feeling of being up in the air then you can do that to.

By the end of that flight (or maybe another one just to be safe) you’ll have a pretty good idea about whether you like flying in a gyroplane and whether or not you’re seriously interested in getting started with some gyrocopter training.

Gyroplane Training In Your Country

The rules & regulations with regards to earning your gyroplane license will vary slightly from country to country.

So it’s always best to talk to someone local about what gyroplane training is required for you to get yourself licensed and up and flying by yourself.

Here’s the easiest way to do it using the search function of this website.

Simply head to our Gyroplane Business Search Tool and then choose your country from the first drop down menu.

Don’t worry about narrowing your search using the second drop down – ‘What are you looking for’ – by leaving this blank you’ll be able to pull up as many instructors as possible for your particular country, regardless of the type of gyroplane(s) they offer their training on.

Then simply find the one nearest to you, make contact and have a chat about your interest in potentially getting started with some gyrocopter training.

If you can’t find any instructors in your own country then you might need to do some searching yourself. There are plenty of instructors out there who haven’t made contact to get their details on our website.


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