The ELA Gyroplane

ELA Gyroplane


ELA is a Spanish manufacturer of gyroplanes and is up there with both Autogyro GmbH, and Magni Gyro as being one of the most recognized gyroplane brands in Europe.

While they may not quite have the range of options that those other two companies have, their ELA 07 and it’s successor the ELA 08 have been extremely popular as a gyroplane of choice.

And with their market share expanding outside of Europe the business continues to look for ways to improve on its design.

The ELA gyroplane is a two seat open cockpit aircraft with a tandem configuration that includes the option for single or dual controls.

Care is taken in the design and manufacturing to ensure high quality processes and materials are used to design a safe and effective aircraft.

A slight difference between the two models is that the cabin of the ELA 08 is a little bit bigger and also includes a windshield for the rear passenger, something that is absent from the ELA 07.

If you’re interested in booking a trial flight in an ELA, or perhaps taking some lessons, you first need to find the dealer closest to you.

This can be done with the Gyro Business Search Tool on our website.

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