The Autogyro MTO Sport

Aytogyro MTO Sport Gyroplane

The MTO Sport is a open cockpit gyroplane manufactured by Autogyro GmbH – a German company with a proven track record of designing innovative aircraft and manufacturing them to nothing but the highest standards.

The MTO Sport is one of very few gyroplanes in existence that have been put through the strict certification standard testing of the British aviation authorities and passed.

This means that there are no safer gyroplanes in the world to fly than the MTO Sport, and with close to 1000 aircraft having been sold world wide, it has a proven track record in this regard.

The aircraft itself has a wide range of uses. From it’s first introduction to the market (initially as the Autogyro MT 03) it has been popular as a recreational aircraft, but organisations around the world are also starting to catch on to some of the other roles it can play in areas such as aerial observation, surveillance and support.

It has been successfully used in Coast Watch initiatives as well as by police and other organisattions in various countries, and is fast becoming the standard gyroplane used for these sorts of jobs.

The aircraft itself is designed with high grade materials and the latest tools and technology. Each aircraft is carefully manufactured in the state of the art factory facility in Hildeshelm, Germany where production has virtually doubled every year to meet the fast growing demand from around the world.

One of the real strengths of the MTO Sport is the ease with which new aviation rookies can get started with their autogyro training and be up safely flying solo within a relatively short space of time.

And when you combine this with the fact that the aircraft has a relatively cheap purchase price and running costs which aren’t too far above those of a family car, then you have the perfect reason for people to get involved in aviation for the first time.

Find An MTO Sport Instructor Or Dealer

The MTO Sport gyroplane is distributed by Autogyro dealers located around the world. To find the dealer closest to you, simply use the Gyro Business Search Tool.

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