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AutoGyro are pretty widely regarded as being the top dog when it comes to the new breed of gyroplane manufacturers around the world.

They’ve grown their operations at a steady pace since the company was formed in 1999, and are now at the point where they’re manufacturing one gyroplane per day at their state of the art facility in Hildeshelm, Germany.

Close to 90% off all parts that go into their aircraft at made by Autogyro themselves at their factory, which allows them to maintain the most stringent of control procedures and ensure that every single gyrocopter is created to the highest possible standards.

The gyroplanes have been successfully flown in the harshest of conditions, from the cold climate of the Scandinavian countries to the other end of the spectrum across the deserts of Australia & Africa.

There are currently three models of gyroplane being produced by Autogyro.

Each of these models caters for a slightly different type of gyroplane pilot – from the aviator keen for the exhilaration of open cockpit flying in the MTO Sport, to the pilot looking for a higher performance aircraft like the Calidus.

And then you have the more social pilot who loves the luxury of the Cavalon with it’s side-by-side seating configuration and adjustable pedals & seats.


AutoGyro MTO Sport

The MTO Sport is the successor to the original aircraft released by Autogyro – the MT-03.

This is an open cockpit gyrocopter that has been purchased by more than 800 pilots around the world, making it the best selling gyroplane of the modern era.

You can learn more about the MTO Sport at the link below

AutoGyro MTO Sport


AutoGyro Calidus

The Calidus was the first fully enclosed gyroplane released by AutoGyro. But far from being and ‘MTO Sport with a lid’, this was actually a completely new design that alowed for higher speeds, a greater range and an overall level of performance previously unseen in the gyroplane marketplace.

You can learn more about the Calidus at the link below.

AutoGyro Calidus


AutoGyro Cavalon

The cavalon is the newest addition to the AutoGyro line-up. Once again the design of the aircraft is a complete switch-up from what had been done before.

The first key difference is the seating, with the Cavlaon being the first aircraft in this range to have the pilot and their passenger seated side-by-side.

The other key area where AutoGyro made this machine different is in the ability to make comfort adjustments in the cockpit to make sure that your seat and pedal positions are exactly where you’d like them to be.

Click the link below to learn more about the Cavalon

The AutoGyro Cavalon

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