The AutoGyro Cavalon


The Cavalon is the latest addition to the range of gyrocopters manufactured by AutoGyro in Germany.

It’s also the first gyro they’ve created which goes with a side-by-side seating arrangement rather than the tandem design which has been used in every previous model.

But this new addition to their range is more than just about switching around the seats – it’s an aircraft designed to cater more to those people looking for a comfortable ride in a high quality machine.

One of the key ways that this gyrocopter has been made more comfortable is through a couple of key design features that give the pilot and the passenger the ability to adjust both the seats and the controls to suit their preferences.

While it may seem like a small thing, for anyone who is taller or shorter than the average person (especially the taller person) this has the ability to make your time in the air a much more enjoyable experience.

The Cavalon has a 100L tank as standard which allows for an extended flying time over what can be achieved in most other gyroplanes.

The sleek design of the aircraft means that even thought it’s a side-by-side design, the performance of the gyro isn’t impacted too greatly and the cruise speed is about 80kts.

So when you combine a 100L tank with an 80kt cruise speed you’ve got yourself a pretty decent range for a gyroplane.

In 2012 the Cavalon received a Red Dot Award for Product Design. This is a highly prized award that gets thousands of entrants each year.

It was awarded to the Cavalon due to it’s harmonious balanced between interior and exterior, along with it’s effective use of composite materials to provide and ideal balance between performance & weight, leading to optimal levels of both safety & efficiency.

Locating A Cavalon Dealer

To find someone local to talk to about the Cavalon, simply head to the search tool, set the drop down menu to ‘Autogyro’ and you can further narrow your search by your country.

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