The Autogyro Calidus

Autogyro Calidus Gyroplane

The Autogyro Calidus is a true example of how the gyroplane industry is undergoing a huge revolution right now.

Where in the past flying gyroplanes may have been the domain of aviators interested in experimentation, today’s gyroplane pilots are more likely to be aviation enthusiasts who’d prefer to fly reliable, factory built, high performance aircraft rather than build their own.

The Calidus gyroplane was the second type of aircraft launched by Autogyro GmbH in Germany. The first was the open cockpit MT03 and it’s successor the MTO Sport.

Where that aircraft is an open cockpit gyro, the Calidus is a closed cockpit, high performance gyroplane capable of flying at faster cruise speeds and greater distances due to it’s efficient design, higher performance and greater fuel capacity.

Like the MTO Sport, the Autogyro Calidus has passed the strict certification standards set forth by the British aviation authorities, and has become a popular aircraft of choice for pilots looking for more grunt from their gyroplane.

The Calidus is often popular with pilots who come into the gyroplane sector with some experience flying fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

Like all Autogyro aircraft, the Calidus has been designed and manufactured to the very highest of standards from their base of operations in Germany. It is built with high grade materials and modern engineering technologies to create an aircraft which is both inherently safe and a joy to fly.

Want To Take A Flight In A Calidus?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Calidus or getting some information about pricing, you should contact a local dealer. This can be done by using our Gyro Business Search Tool.

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