The Arrow-Copter AC20

The Arrow Copter AC 20

The Arrow Copter AC20 is an exciting new addition to the world of the modern gyroplane.

Arrow Copter is an Austrian company and the AC 20 is their first production model following on from the AC 10 which was the prototype.

It’s a two seat, tandem gyroplane that comes standard with an enclosed cockpit, but can easily be converted into an open cockpit gyroplane.

The AC 20 has been developed and tested using the latest in computer aided design technologies to create a high performance aircraft which is both safe to fly and efficient in flight. It has been constructed from a carbon fiber composite using high grade machining and manufacturing processes.

It utilities some revolutionary design features including a fixed wing element to help create cruising efficiencies, as well as the movement of the fuel tanks to the wing tips to avoid instances of fuel pooling inside the cockpit.

But safety & performance weren’t the only factors taken into the design – comfort and flying enjoyment was also a priority. The aircraft features excellent suspension and shock absorption, extremely low noise levels through the cockpit due to an enclosed engine and exhaust as well as the enclosed canopy.

Inside the cockpit there is an air circulation system to help keep the cockpit temperature well regulated. The seats are adjustable both forward/back and up/down and provide plenty of room for pilots of all sizes.

The Arrow Copter AC 20 is definitely at the higher end of the price range for a modern gyroplane, but this is due to the combination of luxury and performance.

There are currently dealers in Austria/Germany/Switzerland, Australia, the U.S and South Africa who are able to offer sales advice along with gyroplane training.

To get the contact details for these dealers you can follow the links below

Arrow Copter Head Office
Arrow Copter Australia
Arrow Copter – Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Arrow Copter South Africa
Arrow Copter U.S.A

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